Why I Have Chosen to Disavow the Black Lives Matter Movement

The purpose of this speech on the reasons why I have chosen to disavow the Black Lives Matter Movement, originally presented at Pennsylvania State University, is to shed light on important but often unknown matters presented in the platform of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It shows the ways that I feel that my own religion has been attacked by the movement when they demonize the only Jewish state in the world. Nothing in the speech is to be an attack, threat, or desired “take-down” of the movement because it is my personal belief and nothing more.

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The Need for a Free and Open Exchange of Ideas

This speech tells the story of my experience working on a magazine called Affinity Magazine, and the way that they had censored my valid beliefs simply because those of the editor-in-chief had differed. This experience had opened an opportunity for me to create my own platform where any teen from any walk of life could be equally represented.

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