If You Are Transgender, This Might Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

Illistration: Lars Leetaru

Scrolling through Twitter like usual, I found something that has to be one of the most charitable causes of which I know.

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Why I Have Recently Chosen to Disavow the Black Lives Matter Movement

Since day one, I have been a staunch supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is with great sadness that I recently learned [somewhat late], of issues placed in their platform that has led me to the conclusion that, in good conscience, I can no longer fully endorse them.

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To Friends and Family Considering Trump

This blog post was originally published by Coffee Shop Rabbi:

Image: The White House, photo by skeeze on pixabay.com.

Normally I just go about my business teaching Basic Judaism but today I’d like to write specifically to readers who follow this blog and who may be considering voting for Donald Trump in November. Some of you are related to me by blood or marriage; some of you are old friends. Some of you may be my students.

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Civil Rights Movement

Image: Politic365

The Civil Rights Movement, for many African-Americans, is not finished. For many minorities, there is a continuing, ongoing struggle for opportunity and equal rights. The most monumental period in the Civil Rights Movement was between 1954 and 1968. This was the time of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, the men and women who knew something must be done. That things had to change. These people knew that their struggles were not just.

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One World Trade Center

Image: Time Magazine

The new One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower was the subject of controversial debate before construction. Some wanted the grounds of the destroyed Twin Towers to remain in its state of destruction as a memorial; others wanted to build another tower, to show that we are strong. Both sides came to a compromise. The final agreement was to keep a little of both sites. They would maintain ground zero as a memorial to the lives lost, while two new World Trade Centers would be built around it.

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